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Post by NEstle on Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:35 pm

So you found this cool clan forum, and they do these you just gotta read the rules and entry is very simple.....hell you don't even have to be a member, but we encourage you to join of course.

Rule #1. Be kind! Do not bash or complain or just an out right douche bag, karma is a real thing.

Rule #2. You must not own the games you are trying to win, we will check to make sure....this is a giveaway for you to win, if you are trying to win it for a friend, just have them register and post....its that simple.

Rule #3. You do not have to be a member of t|D to be eligible to win a giveaway, you just have to be registered on the forum, and post in the correct topic when its available.

Rule #4. You can only win 1 game of a multi-game giveaway, the games are given at random, but you WILL not be given a game you already own.

Rule #5. Be thankful.....that's not asking a lot.

Rule #6. You may only enter once. People found using multiple accounts will be banned from the website and not eligible for any current or future giveaways.

Rule #7. The game must be activated immediately once received so we know you will not resell or give it away.

Rule #8. People banned from any of our servers are not eligible to win.

Rule #9. You must claim your prize within 48hrs.


Selections are made from qualifying registered members, we take everyone who posts and enters them into a random generator.

More rules can be added at the discretion of the admins and staff of Total Domination.

Giveaway dates can be extended without notice due to lack of participants or any other reason the staff may have.

***Members Only Giveaway Rules are HERE

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